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Aggressive Nutritional Support for Self-Healing

WH Recovery Program is especially encouraged to build up your immune system. The concentrated nutrition derived from organic, enzyme-rich, plant-based foods significantly enhances the immune system’s ability to reduce the negative side effects of sickness and conventional treatment.
We work with your doctor to build your immune system and offer customized, concierge services before and after treatments.

All Non-GMO Juices, Smoothies, Organic Fruit and Vegetables

WH offers a peaceful place to heal your mind, body and spirit. Our recovery program is a 10 day residential program that runs weekly every Sunday , all year round. For guests unable to stay for the full duration of the program, walk in programs are available. In addition, guests are welcome to stay longer than the 10 days protocol to continue their healing process in a safe and supportive healing environment.
Guests are provided the fundamental training and blueprint for transitioning to a healthier lifestyle by taking a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our approach is founded on biblical principles, backed by scientific studies, and taught by our health educators.


  • Emotional Counselling
  • Stress Management
  • Bible study offered everyday
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Daily lectures on health, healing and alternative therapies.
Attitude of gratitude – the Power of Positive Thinking
Attitude of gratitude – the Power of Positive Thinking


Aggressive Nutrition through a diet of organically-grown, enzyme-rich, raw, life-giving foods.


  • Green Juice, Juice Fasting, Smoothies
  • Colonics, Enemas, Coffee Enemas,
  • Exercise: Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching
  • Far Infrared Ray Sauna
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Heated Salt Water bath
  • Massages
  • Med-spa and Therapy Services
  • Back alignment

Classes taught by our Lifestyle Coaches

  • Making great-tasting juices
  • Setting up your kitchen for a healthy lifestyle
  • Preparing nourishing smoothies
  • Preparing healthy salad dressings
  • Creating an 80% raw and 20% cooked vegan diet that will be delicious for your whole family
  • Exercise and outside group walks
  • stretching
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What You Can Expect During Your Stay

Your stay begins with an introduction and orientation to assure that all of your questions are answered and your needs are addressed. You will receive a manual explaining the policies and programs at WH, along with a “Get Healthy-Stay Balanced” manual which teaches how to restore and maintain good health. Guests enjoy clean, cozy rooms and private baths. Each morning we’ll start our day by preparing WH Detox Tea and a Colon Cleanse followed by an hour nature walk in the rising sun after which we get ready for a healthy, organic delicious breakfast. After our breakfast we will follow with praise and worship then the daily treatments for approximately two to three hours which will lead to a short break before lunch at 15h00. At WH we believe that two meals are better than three and due to the healthy meals we serve our guests adopt the style as they find it beneficial . after lunch we go for a short walk after which educational classes and cooking lesson are offered. At the conclusion of your stay, we’ll help create a plan designed to help you continue a healthy lifestyle once you leave. You may purchase books, videos, kitchen equipment and other supplies to take with you to support your path to better health and wellbeing. What to bring: light jacket, casual (seasonally) comfortable clothes, workout attire, house shoes, bathing suit, and robe.